Tuesday, January 12, 2010

0 New Pilot Whale at SeaWorld San Diego

Tin scandal-9x ! Chup len Quay len - Sock [ChupLen.Tk]
Say hello to the newest member of our SeaWorld family -- Sully the pilot whale. Sully was found stranded on a beach in Curacao in July 2009. Suffering from severe starvation and dehydration, he was not expected to survive. However, rescuers in Curacao nursed him back to health. When Sully showed no signs of being willing or able to re-integrate into the wild, experts determined the best place for Sully would be in a marine-life park living with other pilot whales. SeaWorld is one of the few zoological facilities in the world with pilot whales. On Jan. 4, Sully boarded his own private cargo plane to San Diego. Hes doing great and is quickly getting acclimated to his new home.

Tin scandal-Sock [Thực hiện: ChupLen.Tk ]


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