Tuesday, January 12, 2010

0 Tiger Woods and The New Sexual Revolution!

Tin scandal-9x ! Chup len Quay len - Sock [ChupLen.Tk]

Tiger Woods and The New Sexual Revolution! or; How to throw a kink in the chain of Capitalism while getting more kink in your love life: A Valentines Day Challenge. ***

About this episode: If Capitalism hangs it hat on anything, it could be this simple formula: Get married. Have kids. Buy shit you dont need. Repeat.
While the nation drools over the Tiger Woods Vanity Fair photos, investors in three public companies that sponsor him including Gatorade and Nike - experienced a 4.3% drop in stock value by years end. $12 Billion.
Tiger is doing his part to tame Capitalism, what are you doing?

Tin scandal-Sock [Thực hiện: ChupLen.Tk ]


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