Saturday, January 2, 2010

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Tin scandal-9x ! Chup len Quay len - Sock [TeenXinh.Blogspot.Com]
Để trong vòng 1 ‘thả tự do’ không phải là cái gì lạ để các công dân của làng giải trí. Nó chỉ trở thành trung tâm của paparazzi khi sao tung tăng với các thành phố “Ngực” vào trần của quần áo mỏng manh. Hình ảnh Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Madonna, Kate Moss … trong siêu mỏng quần áo

Jessica Alba.

Princess has a pop-mi’s beautiful white, can have quite slim!

Paris Hilton and time to within 1 at her small
With the scale of this throughout, Madonna can not wear as well.
The clothes of Kate Moss is not fragile, but the danger.

Elizabeth Hurley.

Jessica Simpson and within 1 best showbiz world.
Eva Longoria.

Chest her beautiful Audrina Training Padtrige also named in ‘top 10 most beautiful chest leisure village’, should be scrupulous not ostentatious.

No longer children but not Demi Moore also suffered disadvantage junior.

Mischa Barton.

‘A beautiful chest compensated’ Pamela Anderson did not show short little doubt within 1 fire.

The Singer of professional uniforms bizarre Lady Gaga the street with a shirt of group ‘fashion horror’, the depth to and during ron.

Pink looked very relaxed when in the orange skirt, chest to the ‘liquid drop freely.
Nicole Ritchie
Nicole Ritchie.

Rihanna and the skirt almost reckless breeze ceiling rounds 1.

Tin scandal-Sock [Thực hiện: Teenxinh'blog ]


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